Best crate for large dogs: our top picks for 2020

Best crate for large dogs

So you have a big boy on your hand and want to shop for the best crate for large dogs? Here are a few things to look for that may help you choose the right one.

In the past plastic crates used to be the go-to crate for almost every dog because of their diversity and utility for every task. Wire crates were just simply hard to move hideous cages. Today, however, the plastic crate has fallen behind the competition of the wire crates.

Wire crates are the most used crates today and for good reasons. In fact, it’s tough to compare the wire crates side-by-side and not be amazed by how much more features they offer than regular plastic crates. But still, some people may find the plastic crate more suitable to their needs.

These are the top 3 best crates for large dogs

Let us dive directly in our three picks for the best crates for large dogs; every one of these crates is the best in their category and every one serves a purpose. However, I consider the wire large crate to be the best and most useful to crate training your dog.

The best wire crate for large dogs

This is the most used crate in recent years not only for large dogs since it is available in all sizes. Most dog trainers are using this crate for its amazing features.

The wire crate provides more open space and it is easier to lure the dog into, at the beginning of the crate training. It also comes with a divider to control the size of it while the dog is growing up.

The best wire crate out there is the iCrate from MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate(Click to check the current price on Amazon).

I strongly recommend using it with the matching crate cover for easier crate training during the night.

You can read this useful article about why and how to use the crate cover.

The best plastic crate for large dogs

The plastic crate is still a very good option for large dogs. it is your best option when it comes to travel especially by plane. It does need some enhancements to meet the IATA requirements though.

The best plastic crate for large dogs is the Petmate Sky Kennel(Click to check the current price on Amazon).

This is a well-established brand that has been making crated for 50 plus years and they do a great job. This is the closest you can get to all airline companies’ requirements. All you can need is these Metal Nuts Bolts and you are all set for an amazing company for your travel.

The best heavy-duty crate for large dogs

The heavy-duty is the best for large aggressive dogs, it is chew-proof and keeps your large dog safe when you are absent.

These crates are so focused on durability and chew-proofing that they do lack some of the other features?

The best heavy-duty crate for large dogs is the ProSelect Empire(Click to check the current price on Amazon).

If you have some badass large dog that just chews his way out of a regular crate, this beast is worth every penny. And we chose this one because it comes with wheels and a removable tray; which is extremely helpful and easier for maintenance.

Why I picked the wire crate

When you sit down and compare the wire crate with the other options; the difference is amazing the wire crate has the best every other crate with almost none of their cons. The different features that will help you go through crate training are great.

  • Wire crates are fairly solid and durable and they can resist even the large breeds of dogs. they sure won’t resist a super agitated dog or an aggressive one but they’ll do if your dog is calm enough.
  • They are easy to install and transport as they can be folded flat which is great for moving it around or storage.
  • Very easy to clean in fact the easiest of all crates, and the leak-proof pan is very helpfull for potting incidents.
  • This crate has floor-protecting roller feet to keep it from scratching your home floor.
  • It has a divider that can be used for puppies to limit the space and adjust it as the dog gets larger so you only need one for your dog.
  • It has a cover that fits it perfectly so you can choose to leave it uncovered if your dog likes it and during the day. And to cover it in the night for more intimacy.
  • This model has two doors which are very helpful in the early stages of crate training as it is easier to lure the dog in.

What to look for in a crate for a large dog

When you have a large dog you have very limited options when it comes to crates. And to be able to crate train your dog successfully the crate is the most important item. And most importantly the size of the crates needs to be perfect.

So what you need to do is to look for a crate that will be perfect in size for your large dog but also sturdy enough to hold a strong dog.

The durability of the crate

The durability of the crate you choose is very important; you can’t use a soft-side crate on an aggressive pit-bull. Generally, most dogs are calm enough to fit in a wire crate which is strong enough. However, sometimes you may need a heavy-duty crate if your dog is strong.

Wire crate and heavy-duty crate should be your options according to how peaceful is your dog if it’s a well trained calm dog ever plastic crates could do just fine.

The size of the crate

The size is really the hardest part when you have a large dog, most crates don’t offer size options for the large breeds. Or they just offer very oversized crates that are no good for crate training.

If you don’t know how big your dog crate should be, read this article about choosing the perfect size for your dog crate.

The wire crate is the one that offers large choices in size and comes with a divider to adjust it to the size of the puppy.

The mobility of the crate

Large dogs sure need large crates, this, of course, means heavier and hard to move crates. When you choose a crate for a large dog make sure it has some mechanism that makes it easy to move around.

Crates with wheels and foldable crates are the best options in this case. The handles are not a great idea since it’s usually too heavy that it breaks easily.

About large dogs crates

Large breed dog owners have a difficult time choosing a crate for their dogs, this makes the crate training harder.

They often need to change crates at least once to get better results as the dog outgrows his previous crate.

There aren’t many options out there and some are not at all available like soft-side crates.

There is little to no choice when you are crate training a large dog and at the same time trying to keep a nice home decor.

Features like size sturdiness and mobility are the most requested when looking for a crate to fit a large breed. However, the design is often overlooked. So is there any good options for homeowners that value their decor and want to keep their dogs safe in a solid good looking crate?

Best decorative crate for large dogs

Finding a good looking crate that could fit a large dog is not an easy task. I have spent hours on multiple manufacturers’ websites and even called two for some confirmation and still could not find one.

All the choices out there for decorative crates are for small and medium dogs.

I did find the ecoFlex Pet Crate/End Table(Click to check the current price on Amazon) and it is really nice looking with the end table options. It comes in four colors and four sizes up to 100lps which is a great find, to be honest.

None of the other crates I checked offered nearly as half the option this one provides. The catch, however, is the lack of sturdiness.

This is not a heavy-duty crate and is not a good option for a chewer dog.

You can’t use it to crate train your dog, this is for dogs that are already crate trained and fine with being in a crate.

So this could be a great option for the long term if you want to start with a wire crate to train the dog then switch to this one for better decor of your house.

How big is a large dog crate

One of the basics of crate training is to choose a nice place for your dog’s crate. So he can feel safe and intimate while chilling in his crate.

This would not be very important and easy to deal with if you have a small or medium-size dog. on the other hand, if you have a large dog you guessed it the crate is going to be huge and finding a good spot will be quite challenging.

You certainly don’t want your dog’s crate blocking some entrance or in the way, so how big is a large dog crate so you can figure out where to place it.

Well on average for a dog that is around 100 lbs the crate should measure about 48L x 30W x 33H inches. This is fairly large, so finding a good spot for the crate is not going to be very easy.

These dimensions are for a wire crate, other types of crates could be larger on the outside. So you want to make sure you have a good spot before going shopping.

What are the large dog breeds that need larger crates

Dog breeds are very different in size and shapes and some could vary within the same breed. However, some are very well known for their gigantic size.

So let’s go over some of the very known breeds for which you may want to consider a super large crate. This way we can make it easier for the owners on what exactly to expect and how big their dogs may grow into.

These are 15 of the largest dog breeds and there average measurements :

Dog breedWeightHeight
Great Dane 140-175 lb 46.0″-49.5″
Mastiff 175-230 lb 30.0″-34.0″
Neapolitan Mastiff 130–150 lb 24.0″-31.0″
Bullmastiff 110–130 lb 25.0″-27.0″
Saint Bernard 140-180 lb 34.5″-37.0″
Newfoundland 143–176 lb 30.0″-34.0″
Cane Corso 99–110 lb 24.0″-28.0″
Dogue de Bordeaux 110–150 lb23.0″-26.0″
Great Pyrenees 110–130 lb27.0″-32.0″
Bernese Mountain Dog 80-115 lb 32.5″-36.0″
Tibetan Mastiffs 121–198 lb 30.0″-33.0″
Black Russian Terrier 110–130 lb 28.0″-30.0″
Leonbergers 120–170 lb 28.0″-31.0″
Irish Wolfhound 140–180 lb 33.0″-35.0″
Scottish Deerhound 85–110 lb 30.0″-32.0″

The above measurements are the avergae for an adult male, but every dog is different and could be larger or smaaler than what we’ve stated. But mostly that is what you can expect if you have a puppy.

But make sure to measure your dog correctly before you make a decision and check the crate size from the inside, not the outside. Many manufacturers use their own size charts for dogs don’t rely on that and use yours.