Can you move a dog crate from room to room?

can you move a dog crate from room to room

When crate training a puppy you are creating a positive association with the crate using treats toys food and games.

This positive association makes your dog like his crate and considers it as his intimate and personal space.

However, when your dog is in his crate you still want him to be around the family and within sight to keep an eye on, so can you move a dog crate from room to room to keep him around you and your family members at all times?

Yes, you can move a dog crate from room to room, dogs are attached to the crate itself and not to the spot where the crate is placed within your home, moving it from room to room is natural to keep the dog around at all times so he doesn’t get bored, and to be able to hear him at night.

Can you move a dog crate from room to room?

move dog crate from room to room

Moving the crate from room to room does not make the dog reject his crate, generally, they are just happy to be able to relax while keeping an eye on you, it prevents boredom and allows the dog to relax even more.

At night most dogs sleep in their parent’s rooms, and they can not spend all their time in the crate in the bedroom while you are in the living room.

If your dog is rejecting his crate when it is moved from its original spot, then you did a poor job crate training.

The crate training process makes sure you create a great association with the crate itself, not its surroundings, so anywhere the crate is your dog would feel safe and zen in it unless it’s placed somewhere disturbing to your dog (next to a fridge or machines making disturbing noises …).

What kind of crate should you get if you’re planning to move it around?

Moving a dog crate from room to room is not easy if you have a heavy-duty crate or a wooden crate especially for a large dog, that is why we always recommend the metal crate.

Metal crates are the ones that give the best results when it comes to crate training because they come with a load of features that make the process easier like the double door option and the divider.

The crate we recommend is the Midwest Ultima Pro Metal Crate (check the price at Amazon), this crate has a free divider which is great for crate training a young puppy it allows you to adjust the size while your dog is growing, it also has a leak-proof pan, double doors which is nice for the introduction part of the training but what’s more important is it folds flat making it easy to move around from room to room.

Why would you move a dog crate from room to room?

The main reason for you to be moving your dog crate around is to make sure the dog is always close to where you are.

Even when you are watching TV or laying down in the living room, it’s always best to keep the dog in sight so he doesn’t feel lonely and can enjoy your company.

There is also bedtime, especially for young puppies when you first start crate training, they need to be in your room or close, so you can hear them when they wake up for a potty break.

So, unless you have multiple crates, the only way to keep your dog close at all times in the crate is to move the crate from room to room.

Should you use multiple crates instead of moving one crate around?

If you can afford multiple crates, yes it would be easier to have multiple crates set up in the house at least two, one in the bedroom where your dog spends the night and another in the living area.

However, it’s not really convenient to have too many crates around and it does not look good, especially for homeowners who value their interior design.

But two crates are always better, and easier to deal with especially if you are opting for a really heavy crate or a wooden crate.

Some pet parents like to have a bedside table dog crate, along with a metal crate they can move around easily.

Another reason why you should at least have one metal crate at your disposal is how easy it is to set up especially for travel and outdoor activities.

So our recommendation would be to have at least one metal crate at your house and one that folds would be the best choice if space is an issue especially when crate training in an apartment.

Does moving the crate around confuses the dog?

two crates for the same dog

Moving the dog crate from room to room does not confuse the dog, if you do a good job crate training your dog it will make him attached to his crate, not the spot it’s placed in.

As long as the dog can still see you while relaxing in his crate he has no problem with it being moved around.

Using two crates can at first be confusing though, but if it’s the same crate, then there is nothing to worry about and you can for better results have specific spots where it’s placed in each room.

I would actually recommend moving the crate in the early stages of crate training so that the puppy does not get attached to the crate and its surroundings.

Can you move a decorative crate from room to room?

Decorative and wooden crates sure look great and they are very convenient to use but they mostly lack the mobility option, these crates are often made of heavy wood and it’s very hard to keep moving them around.

It is best to use another metal crate and avoid moving wooden crates around because they will deteriorate over time especially if they’re not made with hardwood.

Moving a decorative crate around just kills the whole purpose of having a decorative crate which is for it to match your interior design, so having a bedside dog crate table in the living room is not really good looking.

Can the same crate be used indoors and outdoors?

move dog crate around

Using the same crate indoors and outdoors is an option only metal and plastic crates can offer, simply because other forms of crates are just too heavy to move around.

I personally prefer metal crates over plastic because it provides an open view for the dog and feel more included in the outdoor activities and even at home.

Metal crates are easy to move around and really sturdy and can be safer for you when driving and your dog is in the back, they do not deteriorate and could live on for years and you can just replace it with the exact same crate when needed.

Where should the dog crate be placed in the house?

Choosing the perfect spot for your dog crate is important to assure he is feeling comfortable and safe in his crate.

During the day your dog’s crate should be placed in a spot where the dog can still be around you hint the question can we move the crate around, but it does not mean you can just place it anywhere.

When choosing a spot for your dog’s crate you need to make sure there are no machines around that make disturbing sounds (like a fridge).

The crate should not be placed in a windy spot or directly exposed to sunlight, anywhere else should be fine.

At night the dog’s crate should be in the same room as you, especially when crate training a young puppy that needs to wake up at night for a potty break.


  • The dog crate can be moved from room to room to keep the dog around you.
  • It is best to use a metal crate if you are planning to move it around.
  • Using two crates is more convenient, one for the dog to sleep in and another for the day.
  • Wooden and decorative dog crates should not be moved around from room to room.

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