How long is normal for a puppy to cry when left alone?

How long is normal for a puppy to cry when left alone

Young puppies can get overly attached to their owners and cry when left alone, and it’s one of many things you have to train your puppy to get used to.

It can be overwhelming and frustrating at first when the puppy starts crying and screaming whenever you take a step away from him.

The first couple of days it can be really tempting and exciting to spend every minute of every day with your new puppy but you will eventually have to leave him alone.

It is normal for a puppy to cry when left alone during the first week after moving to a new home, beyond that it can develop into separation anxiety, that’s why it is important to teach your puppy to be left alone.

Is it OK for a puppy to cry when left alone?

When just settling in a new home and adapting to a completely new environment it is ok for a puppy to cry when left alone.

Your puppy has probably never been alone and the transition from constant companionship to alone time can be hard.

However, this phase should not take more than a week or two at most, early socializing and spending time alone need to be part of your housebreaking training.

When untreated, the crying when left alone could turn into anxiety and sometimes result in destructive behavior and many other behavior issues.

The sooner the time alone matter is treated the better for your puppy and the more comfortable and confident he can be in his new home.

How long does it take to teach a puppy to be alone?

It usually takes less than a week to teach a puppy to be alone, all you need is patience some treats, and consistency.

It is recommended to take a few days off when bringing home a new puppy since the first week is crucial to his housebreaking.

Time alone training should be one of the firsts things you teach your dog, along with crate training if you decide to.

The sooner you start the training the easier it will be and the faster it can be done, the first transition from litter to your home is shocking enough for the puppy to go through being with you all day then the next you’re gone.

Is it OK to ignore a crying puppy?

Is it OK to ignore a crying puppy

It is not OK to ignore a crying puppy, if it continuous past 2 to 5 minutes then you should break the crying cycle and reassure your puppy.

There is a popular belief that your puppy will eventually stop if you ignore his crying but it does not work and can trigger serious anxieties.

Some puppies are smart and will try to test you, that’s why you can give it a couple of minutes just to make sure then you have to take action.

You need to break your puppy’s crying cycle before interacting, this way he does not associate crying with you coming back to this rescue.

Should I ignore my puppy crying at night?

Night or day you should not ignore your puppy crying for more than a few minutes, nothing changes at night.

At night you want to check if your puppy does not need a potty break or is not comfortable before trying to get him to sleep again.

Of course, you need to praise the puppy when he calms down to make a positive reinforcement with calmness.

Do puppies grow out of crying when left alone?

A puppy that is used to crying when left alone will continue to do so and will not grow out of it, early training is the only solution.

Many dog owners suggest ignoring behavior issues in puppies and are convinced that they’ll just grow out of it.

However, no behavior issue can get better just by ignoring it in fact it will only worsen and get harder to deal with as the puppy grows.

How to stop a puppy crying when you leave the room?

Early training and socializing are the best way to stop a puppy from crying when you leave the room.

At first, it is normal for the puppy to cry when left alone because it’s always been with someone, his mother and siblings.

Puppies can be conditioned to do many things that they would initially reject, training is a slow process that you have to follow with patience.

You can start with basic steps like leaving the puppy in the room and walking around the room without directly interacting.

When the puppy is used to you doing other things and not interacting you can leave the room for a few seconds and come back.

One important thing is to make it natural don’t be checking the puppy’s reaction every time you make a move and avoid eye contact.

Gradually increase the time your puppy spends alone and keep doing the same thing as long as the puppy is calm.

If the puppy is crying try to break his crying cycle without making it a rescue comeback, just pass by and talk or toss a treat.

If you keep doing the same thing after a while your puppy will get used to being left alone especially if you keep him distracted with a toy.

How long can you leave a puppy alone at home?

Young puppies can’t be left alone for too long, for the first couple of months, 30 minutes is enough, and if the puppy is doing ok then you can increase it.

From the age of two months and older a puppy can stay alone for an hour without feeling lonely or abandoned.

Using puzzle and chew toys can be a great way to keep the puppy distracted when left alone and avoid crying.

When the puppy is 6 months and older he can be left alone for up to two hours and he’s mature enough not to cry or go destructive.

What to do if the puppy keeps crying?

Sometimes training a dog not to cry when left alone doesn’t go as planned and the puppy just keeps crying.

What you want to do is to have your puppy focus on something else and not just interacting with you.

You can introduce toys and games, chew toys can be very helpful, it’s important not to panic and to keep going.

Once you notice that your puppy is enjoying his time focusing on tows and games you can start the training steps we’ve introduced earlier.

How do you get a puppy used to being alone?

You can get a puppy used to being alone by making alone time a fun time and not necessarily a boring time.

Installing toys and having a nap or just relaxing are all activities your dog can do alone, or just chewing on something.

It is always best to have the puppy do some activities before being left alone just to get him tired and ready to relax even alone.


How long is normal for a puppy to cry when left alone, this is the question that most new and inexperienced dog owners are asking.

For a young puppy, it’s totally normal, but once the new puppy is home socializing and training are important, puppies won’t just grow out of it.