Two dogs in one crate? cheap solution or a time bomb!

Two dogs in one crate

Can you put two dogs in one crate? The short answer to that is NO! You can’t have two dogs in one crate. Given the goal of having a crate in the first place is to provide the dog with an intimate and safe place. Even small dogs that have been raised together need separate crates if the goal is crate training.

Unless you want to come home to a very traumatic sight, I really advise against it. When dogs can’t escape a stressful situation they may turn aggressive. This could be dangerous for both dogs if they find themselves trapped in one crate.

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Why you should not put two dogs in one crate

Can dogs share a crate? If the dog has to share the crate with another dog, it totally loses its sense. I mean the whole idea is for the dog to go to his crate when he feels down or stressed or just to chill; If at the moment there is another dog in there what’s the point.

If you do use one crate for two dogs it will be just a chilling spot and both will find their own den. I know I want to know where my dog’s den is and have control over its location.

It is really not a good idea and opposes the very core concept of crate training.

If you have two dogs it is very advised that you have separate crates for each one.

Can you crate train two puppies together?

Yes, you can crate train two puppies at once as long as each one has his own personal crate; where he can enjoy his intimacy and feel safe.

It is best if the crates are not placed one next to the other, to keep a personal area for each puppy.

Crate training to dogs at once could either make it easier or harder for you depending on how you establish communication and rules for both.

If you keep the crates one next to the other you could create confusion.

At night dogs that have companionship seems to be more relax and are less likely to start whining or barking.

Two dogs in one crate cons

There are many cons to using one crate for two dogs, and here are the most obvious ones.

Aggressive behavior

If you train your dog to use the crate as his personal space where he can relax can make him very defensive of that territory.

Very few dog owners can actually be there all the time supervising their dogs. So there could be some aggressive behavior toward other dogs that may be in the crate while the dog is feeling stressed or needs privacy.

No privacy

Dogs spend half of their day sleeping, although during sleep time there is little chance for aggressive behavior. However, more than 30% of their day is just chilling time.

For that, they need a quiet place to settle and if they can’t be in their crate they will seek another intimate place elsewhere.

Unknown den

Since dogs are denning up whether you provide a crate or not. They will probably have a place to go to when they need to.

There is nothing wrong with your dog choosing a place to den up however when you are using a crate you are able to supervise. And in emergencies, you can easily find him and move your dog around.

You may think that emergency evacuations are things that happen rarely; but when it does its one less thing to stress about.

Two dogs of the same breed and size in one crate

two dogs in one crate
two dogs in one crate

The size and the breed of the dogs doesn’t change the fact that the crate is a personal space.

You might be thinking that if the dogs are the same breed and size then having two dogs in one crate is not very dangerous since they can’t really hurt each other.

Dogs are animals that have territorial instinct to a certain level and even same breed and size dogs will eventually end up with one dominating the other.

On the other hand when you use separate crates each dog can feel safe in his own den when he’s stressed or in need of some alone time.

It is definitely a difficult task to train two dogs in the same time and especially to crate train them since they are less receptive if the owner is not 100% focused on them, and crate training could actually be the answer.

I am using one crate for two dogs and they’re fine

Some dogs can get along just fine and would even sleep in each others beds but that doesn’t mean you should use one crate.

First, these are animals and they’re behavior can change with time, second it’s way easier to have separate places to ease the training.

You’ll never be able to train your dogs at the same time if they share a crate and one is out hanging with you while the other is free.

Teaching your dogs to respect each other’ beds and crates enhance good house manners.

Can you use one crate for two dogs in an apartment

Crate training two dogs in an apartment

Crate training in an apartment is stressful especially if you don’t get along too well with your neighbors, but using one crate for two dogs is definitely not the way to do it.

Personally I don’t recommend crate training two dogs at the same time in an apartment but if you have to then get yourself a playpen and two crates.

I suggest you read my article about crate training in an apartment I’m sure you’ll find it helpful.

Using one playpen for two dogs

The playpen is not a personal space for the dog; it is not a den. Your dogs can share playpen with no problems.

It is even a great idea to keep your dogs in each other’s company, to enjoy more their playtime.

I usually recommend connecting the crate to the playpen; However, in this case, you can use a regular playpen for your dogs not to confuse them about the crate.

Dogs can be very energetic around each other and you sure don’t want your two dogs getting carried away and breaking things around the house. So the playpen could be very useful to confine them while playing.

Nonetheless, just like you can’t leave two dogs in wone crate unsupervised the same thing goes for the playpen.

Where to place the crates for the two dogs

Dogs are not lions, they don’t have an excessive territory protective instinct. So you can have the two crates in the same room. However not too close so if one is not relaxing he doesn’t agitate the other.

At night you may place them next to each other since older dogs usually can make it through the night and they tend to be low on energy by then.

Having both crates in the same room will keep your dogs at each other company; even if they are just chilling and will prevent loneliness if you are working full time and keep them in the crate while at work.

Also, make sure when choosing a place to install your dogs’ crates to choose a nice spot that’s clean not too hot or windy to avoid health issues.

Using a separation panel to put two dogs in one crate

Crates with separation panels are just great for keeping crates at the perfect size for your dogs.

But the idea behind the separation panel is not to confine two dogs in one crate. Plus most crates have only one door. if you want one with two doors, use the one I suggested earlier it has its own cover which I find useful at night to keep distractions away.

So if you use one for two dogs you sure are avoiding potential violence. However, if one dog keeps agitating the other while they are next to each other you are likely to have aggressive reactions later on. And you risk not having them getting along.

The separation panel is no alternative to the intimacy provided by the crate.

Crate training with another dog in the house

Having two dogs of different ages and sizes is another good reason not to have two dogs in one crate. As the smaller one will clearly be in serious danger whenever you leave.

But it could be challenging to crate train a puppy while another dog is in the house. As puppies sleep for longer hours that could go up to 18 hours a day. So you don’t want another dog waking him up every few minutes.

This is where the crate training proves to be a great asset as you can just have the other dog in his crate while working wi the puppy.

Other dogs are usually just curious and rarely aggressive toward other pets in the house if trained well. So if you keep the older dog away until the puppy strengthens up you should be fine.

Conclusion: can dogs share a crate

Having two dogs in one crate is clearly not the way to go when crate training with another dog in the house.

It keeps both dogs safe and away from possible incidents that a confined place may cause.

It also provides both dogs their own personal space where they can feel secure and relax, which will enable you to keep them both happy with each other.

Use instead a playpen to let them bond and help each other take out their energy.

For more tips about crate training make sure to check out this post here I provided 11 proven tips that will help you crate train your dogs efficiently.

If you are new to crate training read this explicit guide where you can find an easy to follow step by step program.

Here is a nice video from Zak GEORGE on how to train two puppies at the same time if that’s the case for you it’s very useful:

Training two dogs at the same time

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